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To Fuse is by definition “To skillfully unite fragments into a cohesive whole”


So often, communities are fragmented and disjointed as we work hard in silos; Disconnected from others that share our dreams, concerns, perspectives and opinions. Too often we have no place to truly engage in informed conversation and connect with the needs of those around us.


We are passionate with few outlets of sharing our purpose with others.

We are educated but unable to connect with those our knowledge my benefit.

We are talented but failing to find opportunity to showcase our gifts.


Fused Radio is the meeting place.

The place where we all come together and talk, and listen and share.

We are the voice of the people. Not one singular sound but the collective.


We are who you are.

We are a part of your community.

We are your voice amplified.

The place where we challenge one another, encourage each other; inform and help and serve and love. We are not a station that merely takes your ear but that gives you our hands.


We are a station fused together with our community by the collective desire to grow, learn, envision and press forward. We believe not only in the ideals of opportunity but in the work it takes to accomplish them.


Fused Radio is more than a radio station but we are a place to talk.

A place where you can voice your opinions and concerns;

To ask questions;

To listen to teachings

and dance to music.


A place to connect; From our outreaches and community partnerships to our events and workshops.

A place remember and consider; To learn listen and learn new skills.

A place to explore your interests and consider one another’s burdens.

A place for your Spirit, Mind & Body.


Our goal is to Enrich, to Encourage, to Enlighten, to Educate, to Entertain.


We are a station that cares about the community is serves. Join the fuse family by listening, conversing and supporting.


We are Fused Radio.

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